Located at the Shades Valley Technical Academies, the Jefferson County School of Visual Art is a cooperative effort of the Jefcoed Arts Education and Career Technical Education departments dedicated to nurturing students interested in pursuing a career in visual arts through an integrated relevant curriculum tailored to their individual needs. Students throughout Jefferson County apply and are selected to attend this “school within a school.”

Admission to the Jefferson County School of Visual Art is a selective process. Applicants must complete and submit the Jefferson County program application form. Applications must also include student transcripts, two letters of reference (counselor, art instructor) and a personal essay that is a statement of intent, addressing why the student wishes to attend the Jefferson County School of Visual Art.

The Portfolio is perhaps the most significant part of the application process. Applicants must prepare and submit a portfolio consisting of a selection of their ten best, most representative works. This work may include drawing, painting, design and photography. Three dimensional works may be submitted through photographic documentation. Designed to showcase the applicant’s current abilities; the portfolio should provide insight into the students technical strengths, interests, creativity and potential. Presentation should be an important consideration.